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    ADVERTISEMENT - Help Keep It Fun!


    Please help to keep our Free Chat Rooms fun for everyone. There will always be a few trouble makers, but with our highly moderated rooms, we look to keep these troublemakers to a minimum. There are 4 different ways that problem users will be approached;

    1. K-lined - This is a ban from the entire Stelivo Chat Network
    2. Room Ban - Banned from a specific chat room.
    3. Quiet Status - Muted from the entire Chat Room for a period of time.
    4. Kicked - You will be kicked from the room which an offense has occured.

    Rules and Regulations

    Here are the rules and regulations, please read carefully.

  • Flooding and Scrolling

    Flooding, also known as repeating the same message over and over again, will not be allowed. This is generally defined as repeating the same message 3 to 4 times in a 20 to 30 second period. Please leave a filler time of appropriate measure before typing the same message. A kick, quiet status, or ban may take place if flooding continues.

  • Advertising and Link Posting

    Advertising your chat site or any other chat site is strictly forbidden. Advertising such sites will result in a ban or possible K-line. In relation, posting of any link in general is not permitted. Popular prefixes for links such as www or http:// have been blocked from our servers, so please do not try to post links. E-mails are also not permitted to be sent.

  • User Abuse

    Abusing fellow chatters in a verbal and/or emotional matter is against our policy. Teens and Adults alike come to to have a fun and entertaining time. Being abused is not part of the chat experience we want our users to have. Chatters abusing other members will could be kicked and/or banned from a room, or possibly K-lined from the entire chat network.

  • Age Group Regulations

    Everyone needs to know the age regulations for each of our different chat rooms. For information on this, please read each chat rooms description for age limits. If anyone is cought over age or under age in an inappropriate chat room, a ban will take place. Excessive abuse of this policy will result in a K-line from the chat server.

  • In conclusion, we hope to never have to kick, ban, or take any administrative measure against any of our chatters. However in reality, this is a highly unlikely probability. We want everyone to have a safe and fun experience. If you need to report any type of abuse, please Contact Us by E-mail or visit our live Help Chat Room and we will be happy to help. Thank you!