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    Welcome to BrainChat.Org!

    Free Chat Rooms, Sex Chat, Uk Chat - Family Friendly Chat Rooms. Sex Chat Adults Only Chat.

    BrainChat.Org is a free chat room site. It has popular chat rooms including a Teen Chat Room and a Singles Chat Room! Thats not all though. We have other popular chat rooms like Adult Chat and our ever popular Cyber Chat. If you are ever in need of help, or if you would like to report a chat abuser, our dedicated support staff is usually available to help you in our Chat Rooms. If your feeling bored and would just like to hangout for a bit, then the Hangout Chat is the place for you!

    Free Chat - 321Chat.Com offers free Webcam Chat Rooms such as Teen Chat, Gay Teen Chat, Adult Chat, 20 Something Chat, Singles Chat, Gay Chat, Lesbian chat, Black Chat, Latin Chat, Asian Chat, Senior Chat, UK Chat, Kid Chat, Religion Chat and more. A+ Chat Room Directory - Free Chat Rooms - Teen Chat

    Quick Safety Tips

    One thing we concentrate on here is the importance of chatting safely! We have compiled a short list of chat safety tips to keep you, your children, or anyone chatting here at Brain Chat safe from potential harm. Chat rooms can be a harmful environment if you are not well prepared and educated on possible threats. We have taken the time and extreme liberty to make a few things known so you can chat more safely. Here are a few tips to keep in mind;

    1. Never give out personal information like;
    - Address
    - Phone number
    - Full name
    - Credit Card #, Bank #, etc.

    2. Teens be aware of predators. If you feel you've come across a predator, please Report Him or Her immediatley!

    3. Setting up personal meetings is not recommended.

    4. Be aware of scams such as Cam shows that you have to pay money for.

    5. In relation to #3, do not pay money for anything that is advertised in our chats by our chatters.

    Our chat rooms are moderated to make them as safe as possible. We want you to have a fun and enjoyable time, please stick close to these small safety tips to have a greater chat experience!



      Teen Chat is a chat room for teens. It is highly moderated and only chatters ages 15-17 will be permitted in the chat. Brain Chat is a great chat room for teenagers. Chat all night long with other teens your age safely and securely.


      Singles chat is one of our chat rooms that allows all age groups. It is however still moderated so you can enjoy your chatting experience! Come chat with other singles and flirt all night long in our Singles Chat Room.


      This is our Adult Chat Room. It it strictly intended for adults 18+. No sexual content permitted. Chat all night with other adults from around the world. Our free Adult Chat Room is definetley the place to be for adults.


      This is our Cyber Chat Room. It it strictly intended for adults 18+ and sexual content will be very public! Teens are not allowed here and will be banned if entry is made. Everyone else come in and have a sexy good time with others looking to cyber!

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